A little self kindness goes a long way ~

' life isn't always easy to understand. But there are many things which help us to make sense of the journey along the way ' 

 TLC for your life 
- tender love and care in five steps - 

1. Trust your instincts. They never lie.

2. Make time for self care. A happy, healthy mind/body is a priority. You need YOU to function at your best! 

3. Have empathy for others and their struggles.  Offer kindness at every turn. But save a large portion for yourself too. 

4. Remember you always have a choice. You have the power to change what isn't right. Even when something is wearing you down, breaking your spirits or causing you to lose hope. Dig as deep as you can and look at your choices for change. That may be your mind set about a particular issue, a lifestyle choice, career, asking for help, or even simply saying no.  

5. Practise easing negative feelings about yourself by writing everything down and trusting that you're doing the best you can. Build yourself up instead of allowing negativity to bring you down.  Examine where the negativity is coming from. Is it a person,  an unresolved issue, fear or low confidence causing you to believe the negative dialogue in your mind? 
Writing it all down makes everything look more manageable once it's out in the open.  Acknowledge everything you feel so you are able to manage the tougher emotions with clarity and break down the walls of self shame, self blame or guilt.

' Positivity may sound unattainable or far fetched. But there is SO much power in it '


With love 


  1. Beautiful post. It's so important to take care and appreciate yourself. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

    1. Thank you ever so much for your lovely comment. I do agree. Xx very best wishes xx

  2. I often have to remind myself to trust my instincts. Very important!


  3. You're quite right. It's hard to do sometimes! But definitely worth trusting them. Thank you so much for your message. Bestest wishes to you. Xx


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