Country sunlit sparkles


As I climbed the gate this morning and entered the meadow for my ponies breakfast giving, the sun shone so radiantly across the frosted grass that it felt as though Christmas had arrived early. Twinkling sparkles covered every inch of our field. Even glitter drops hung upon my ponies manes and soft muzzles.

Autumn and winter can be unwelcome to so many. But in the countryside there is such beauty to be found, even when it's pouring down with rain.

 Winter is an important part of the year for horsy life. It is one of the only times when my ponies can enjoy access to unlimited grass. It is when days have a slower pace. The ponies are rested more than ridden. 4 0'clock feeding begins before darkness sets in. Hay is in countless supply, stocked up in it's shelter ready to distribute. Fallen trees and branches are tidied up and taken away for kindling and bonfires. And the land itself gets a little bit rougher around the edges as it's left to hibernate after a busy summer of growing and harvesting.

Then, there are the frosty mornings. . .

Sun sparkles cast a light upon the bare trees and the golden leaves, which have now fallen upon the muddy hoof print filled ground.
The frosted grass glitters  . .  and as nature tucks itself away, it feels like it's saying just this . . .

  'Don't worry. I am still here and I'll be back again soon. 
But until spring returns, enjoy this beautiful sight.'  


The meadow covered in a beautiful sparkling autumnal frost



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