~ My country girls winter survival guide ~


Keep Warm Country Girls . . .

Ponies need a little winter help in staying warm too

1. Tights underneath jeans/leggings/trousers! 
Essential for chilly days and perfect as an extra layer. 

2. Double up!
Short sleeve t - shirts over long sleeve tops. Tucked in vests too - don't let the cold get in!

3. Cosy, extra thick socks! 

4.  Welly warmers!
 A fleece lining for boots. Very snug.

5. Fleece hat, gloves, scarf!
 Keep the warm in with fleecy material.

6. Pocket warmers! 
Mini hot water bottles for keeping hands in pockets toasty!

7.  Waterproof trousers! 
Ideal for the bitter cold days.

8. A flask of something warming to drink. Keep it topped up!

9. Jumpers, and jumpers on top of jumpers underneath a slightly bigger coat. 
Roomy for layering up.

10. Keep moving. Keep positive. 
Be efficient.

Handy Hint . . .
Keep a little chocolate to hand to nibble on for
 encouragement when out doors in the wintry elements!


With love 

Even if it's freezing cold - when you're wrapped up - nothing can stop you having fun


  1. Its getting so cold!


    1. It really is!! Winters definitely here. Thanks so much for leaving a comment. Xx


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