Daydream through the seasons

For memories of summer time . . . 

For days when you need a little faith that everything will work out okay  . . . 
For days when you're seeking adventure . . . 

Self doubt can sit on our shoulders sometimes, and when it does, it's hard to shake it off and believe in the positive rather than the negative that it chatters to us. To tune out of the criticism and into the confidence, try to find a few quiet moments to let your thoughts daydream towards where you want to be. Hold on to those pictures in your mind as they glow and grow stronger, and reach forwards to the light they cast upon the shade.

Daydreaming, even just for a few moments, can be a powerful way to guide you back to yourself again. Save a small dose of time each day to gather your thoughts, and refuel your self belief. It's just a small way to offer a helping of self care when spirits begin to feel a little low. 


With love


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