Believe you can and you're half way there ...

I got home today to find this lovely uplifting message (and gift ) waiting for me ... 

Believing in yourself is never an easy thing to achieve - it may go in waves - one day you feel as though you can reach your dreams and you feel worthwhile and strong and valued. The next day, a simple disapproving look from someone can make you lose heart in everything special that makes you - you. 

It's tough to master. 

Having a loving support system around you does wonders to foster glowing self esteem and confidence, but the most difficult struggle is to believe in yourself when no one else does.

This a very steep hill to climb...

Thankfully, the non believers I have experienced in my life so far have come from outside my family, and not within it...yet for some people even their own family forget that a gentle smile of reassurance or a kind word can mean the difference between giving someone their wings, and taking them away. do we believe in ourselves and believe we can - when no one else does?

 I have gathered a few life lessons here to share in hopes they may offer some inspiration and comfort to anyone who has forgotten how important they are ...

1. Your Dreams belong to you
Okay, so not everyone will understand why you happen to love that project, that person, that goal so much - but it's yours - not theirs. And if it's special to you...that is all that truly matters so put your heart and soul into it - and steadily let go of the need for approval.

2. Like & Love
Self Love isn't about vanity. It's about compassion for yourself. This is an area that I am sure all of us battle with in some form. We admire others and then so often find we are comparing everything about ourselves against them...soon that question creeps into our thoughts ' Am I good enough.' 
I am not sure I can wave a magic wand and instantly encourage anyone to like or even love themselves, but I found this quote once upon a time and I thought it said it all beautifully. And I just hope you know there is so much to like and love about who you are...if you just allow yourself the chance to trust it.

'When admiring someone elses beauty
do not question your own.' 
author unknown

3. Acceptance
Love and appreciate all your qualities, and try not to be too hard on yourself. We tend to believe what other people think of us, as if their opinion is the correct one - they are not you - therefore it simply isn't correct to place their views ahead of your own sense of who you are. 

Have a little faith. Faith in your abilities and faith in your dreams, faith in the good of others and faith that there is somehow, someway something good on your side, encouraging you on and believing in you...always.

Thank you ...

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With Love 


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