Moments of Calm ~

" Coffee & Candles " ~  Peace

Creating moments of calm throughout your day can really encourage positive mental health and emotional well being. It's tough at moments to consider doing something kind for yourself ... we can often feel uncomfortable about taking a few minutes of our own -

I am beginning to learn and understand the value in it and the importance we must place on ...

A) Taking care of ourselves.
B) Gathering our strength. Resting our bodies.
C) Allowing time to settle any worries in our mind.
D) It's okay to press pause - It's not selfish - and if someone tutts and rolls their eyes or resents you having to say 'no' just for a short time - then it probably means they need to follow the 'be kind to yourself' routine too! 

To take care of those that need us - we must be strong ourselves - and a few moments throughout the day to recharge is invaluable in helping us be at our best - We can then give the best of who we are to others with a healthy, nurtured spring in our step. 

With Love Xxx 


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