Sweet Dreams ~ for worriers!

' I dreamed a dream in time gone by ... '
Les Miserables

Many of us value the importance of a good nights rest to reset our mind, body and soul.

Letting go of the events of the day to rest and recharge is something we all need to do, to stay physically and emotionally healthy - yet so many of us struggle to settle in the evenings and close our minds to the worries that seem to have a life of their own as soon as the street lights come on.

 I thought I would share some helpful hints that may just make settling down for sweet dreams a little easier in some way ... 

Message to self: Take note! ; )

Little things that may help calm your thoughts, before drifting off.............

Firstly ...

Before you settle down for the evening - make your room a place of calm and safety as much as you can. Tea lights, soothing music in the background, soft lighting, inspirational quotes and positive affirmations beside your bed, or in a favourite diary - they all can aid a sense of peace and relaxation. 
 ( Feeling the weight of your cat at the end of your bed is also a comfort!)

1) Decorate your dream home in your mind. Fill it with your favourite furnishings. Add your creative touches to every corner. This process focuses on relaxing your breathing and encourages being in the moment.

2) Put worries under your pillow - literally! - write them down, no matter what they may be, and place them safely under your pillow. Letting them go and putting them out of your head and into words, is very therapeutic and allows you to feel you are in control and calmer.

3) A hot milky drink such as hot chocolate, is very warming and filling at bed time and may help you physically settle down into a slower and sleepier state.

4) If worries do invade your thoughts - try not to give them too much attention - a tired mind is always more anxious and often at night we can grow things out of proportion to the real size of the issue. 

5) When faced with a worry, aim to channel it and put a positive outcome in its place. If you feel distressed by any anxious thoughts, write them down, place them under your pillow or confide in someone caring who can help you make sense of what you're feeling and thinking. 

7) Know that you are worthwhile and you matter just as much as everyone else. Try not to let negative thoughts overcrowd your mind - tell yourself you are safe and that you can let go and everything will be okay - believe it deeply as you close your eyes and allow your mind to close itself off from the world, and enter dream land ..... 


It's not easy to surrender to relaxation. It isn't something our bodies can accept very well all the while our thoughts are whirling...but a few simple steps in a positive direction may just help your mind to release it's desire to make sense of everything, and to trust that at bedtime, it really can let go .....

Sweet dreams 

' Goodnight my angel time to close your eyes ' 
Celtic Women


  1. The weight of your cat at the end of your bed thing- I thought I was the only one! :) As soon as my cat settles down by my feet I feel sleepy and peaceful. He's my safety blanket!


  2. Ah that's lovely of you to say. We share that in common ... lovely how you call him your safety blanket. They know when we need them don't they. Thanks so much for reading and stopping by here. I loved the things you shared on your space. Xxx


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