Mothers Day Creations Xx

Sometimes the nicest way to say 'I love you' is by showing someone - and if pockets are empty, getting the creative juices flowing can end up being such  a special way to show you care - with a personal touch lovingly bestowed upon your project - even the smallest of gestures is sure to say a very big ' I love You ' ...  

 A lovely idea for a Happy Mothers Day gift or birthday pressie
from little ones!

(Created Courtesy of my darling nephew!)

~ Children's hand print bunting ~
Lovely hand print bunting

 All you will need:
* A4 Card
* Basic Paint set/brush
*Hole puncher
*Paper plates
*Willing to get a bit messy! 

For the hand print bunting - painting aprons at the ready!

* Simply choose your favourite colour paint and pour a nice amount onto your paper plate.
* Press hand(s) into the paint - and carefully lift it out to reveal a colourful hand!
* Taking your card, press your hand onto the card firmly, and wait a few moments before gently lifting it away - There should be lovely bright colourful hand print before you on the card!
* Repeat with different colours up to ten times or more until your piece of card is covered with hand prints.

After washing off messy hands & waiting for the prints to dry ..

* Cut out the prints carefully from the card
 * Hole punch each print, upon the third finger
* Gather your ribbon/string - make sure it is a good length ( so it can drape nicely when hung )
*Gently slide each hole punched hand print onto the string - carefully placing the string through the holes of each print
* Once all the prints are hanging upon the string - it is ready to be hung somewhere for instant colourful, hand- made (literally!) decoration bunting.. Hooray!

My hands are always around your heart ...

Hands around your heart 
~ home-made card ~

All you will need:
All the of the above 
 & *Pink A4 card
*Blank card

plus some imagination ... 

For creating this beautiful card -

* Using your pink piece of card, simply draw a heart shape and cut it out. 
*Stick the pink card heart on your blank card, in the centre.
*Having already done the messy bit - take two of your hand print cut outs and stick those around the outside of your heart - the picture should help!
* There you go ... the rest is up to you to create a beautiful touching message inside. 

If you are stuck ... you may like this ' My hands are always around your heart ' 

My wonderful mum created these assisted by my nephew, for his mummy - they now hang proudly in his nursery : )

I hope you like them.

With love Xxx 


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