Our Favourite place xx

There is so much more to 'home' then just being at the place where you live, sleep, cook ... To some, home is wherever their loved ones reside or wherever their family is. To others it might be in the arms of a best friend....or perhaps a special location that holds wonderful childhood

Some find it when they come back to their house after a busy day, and are enveloped with warmth and security by a place to call their own...to others it is simply a dream worth striving towards...sometimes it's as simple as a safe roof over your head, with a clean, dry place to sleep. 

Maybe your home is wherever you feel most at peace ...

We all innately search for a place to call home ~ even within ourselves...that moment when everything connects inside of your heart/mind and an overwhelming feeling reassures you that .... 'You're happy. You've found yourself. It feels right. This is what you are supposed to be doing...' 

  That is when there is no place, no feeling and no favourite moment other than...being home ...


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